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You Can't Always Get What You Want... So You Make Do With What You Can Have.

Yohji sat on his bed, staring down at his feet. Dressed in a slack pair of pants, he tugged nervously at a strand of hair, and chewed anxiously on his lower lip. Less than half an hour ago, he and Ken had been laughing and joking. It had felt good, Yohji mused. He had been relaxed and happy; content to have good company without the complications. But all too soon, Yohji had sensed that familiar tingle in his stomach; the early warning signs of desire, like the small tremors before an earthquake. Dismissing it as nothing more than his usual rampant libido, Yohji had begun to flirt openly with Ken. He expected nothing of it, and had been happy with the playful banter between them.

They had been talking about whipped cream, he recalled, raking a hand through his hair. Furrowing his brow in frustration, he tried to remember how the conversation had been steered into altogether different waters. Yohji remembered joking that he could make Ken come, and had been silenced when Ken had replied a little-too-quietly that he wouldn't mind. Yohji was still in shock, and his mind was still trying to process what had happened.

Ken was.... He had... He wanted... No... He couldn't...

Yohji went back to staring at his toes. It was easier to process in his mind that he still had 10 toes, than what had just happened. What he THOUGHT had happened.

Speechless, he had excused himself and bolted to his room, slamming the door behind him. Sweat glistened on his forehead, and he cursed under his breath as he heard familiar footsteps on the stairs.

There was a soft tapping at the door.

"Come In," Yohji murmured, burying his head in his hands.
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