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Sighing softly, Aya ran a hand through his deep red hair. He leant forwards onto the steering wheel of his car, resting his chin on his leather encased fingers. The redhead had been parked on the main dock at Tokyo Harbour for more than an hour now. The ship that Kritiker suspected of carrying a human cargo of over a hundred and fifty girls destined to be slaves, had berthed right on schedule. Aya was waiting for the appearance of Weiss' target, Aeru Yuki.

Aya took a deep breath and then regretted it; he could still smell the faint aroma of tobacco... Yohji. He had been Aya's partner on the last surveillance job, this time the redhead was alone. He wasn't even sure where Yohji was right now and as hard as he tried to convince himself he didn't care. He did.

Violet eyes narrowed; to distract himself and focus back on the mission, Aya leant back in the seat again and checked in with Ken and Omi using his headset. Both confirmed that they had not sighted the target either but before Aya cut transmission, he found himself asking, "Omi, did you contact Yohji about the mission?"
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