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Hurt... comfort...

Aya sat numb, the brutal rage he had seen in Yohji's eyes when he screamed had shaken the redhead badly. The sound had ripped through his heart as his own doubts about deserving a happy ending with the man he loved unconditionally rose up and threatened to overwhelm him. Aya could feel his natural defences kicking in, his mind distancing itself from the raw pain, blocking it off, as he raised his head to watch Yohji do what he had feared the most...


A deep, aching sorrow interlaced with confusion filled the void left in Aya's heart as he watched the door swing backwards and forwards due to the force with which it had been opened.

Why had Yohji gone after he had said he would never leave? Was the thought of spending his life with just one person too much for the blonde to bear? Or had the fact that Aya had stepped down off the pedestal the older man had placed him on made Yohji realise that his love for the redhead was not real?

With that thought, Aya's defences failed once more and the floodgates opened, releasing all of the pent up emotion from the evening. Drowning, yet welcoming it, Aya put his head on his knees and wrapped his arms around his drawn up legs and cried until he was exhausted.

When the sobs turned to hiccups Aya became aware of his surroundings again. He was cold. Aya stood, wiping his eyes, then quickly walked over to grab a long sleeved t-shirt off a nearby chair. He put it on and then stepped out into the hall after surveying the damage to his door. Aya felt completely dispassionate now, as if everything that had happened with Yohji had happened to someone else.

The redhead knew he should clear up the shattered glass and water but first he wanted to check on Ken. Aya didn't know the ins and outs of what had brought Yohji and Ken together tonight and he didn't want to know, but he had to make sure that Ken was alright for the sake of the team, for Weiss.

Aya made his way to Yohji's room, stepping carefully around the broken glass as his feet were still bare. The door was open; Ken was all tangled up in the bed clothes just staring into space.

Aya padded softly over to the bed and gently shook Ken's shoulder whispering his name. Ken turned obviously still dazed but when he saw Aya, a look of panic crossed his face.
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